KDI was one the participants in the 8th International Electricity Exhibition in Tehran - Iran (20-23 November 2005). Just like the previous exhibition (Iran Elecomp 2005), we had a very successful campaign. Lots of visitors from several fields of industries such as oil and gas, power generation and distribution, industrial machinery, automotive, pharmaceuticals, food industry, cement production etc.. came to visit our booth. We also had so many visitors from universities and research centers, interested in our high tech approach of monitoring, control and automation. We estimate that one thousand people visited us and more than a hundred of them filled our special enquiry form, designed for the exhibition.

Our booth was number 46 in the hall 41.


Here, there are some photos of the exhibition:



                     KDI's booth                           KDI's Managing Director (Left)  is visiting Nynas AB's booth (A Swedish oil company)




                            Mr. Ravanbakhsh is negotiating with the maintenance manager of Kalan power plant




         Ardashir Nikravan (A KDI's employee)                                   Kasra Ravanbakhsh (Co-Founder and Managing Director)




                                                      A visitor is filling enquiry forms while another is reading our brochures