CH461 is an intelligent Fume Hood controller which helps to achieve full control over all sort of fume hoods from chemical hood to microbiological and laminar air flow hoods.

This device digitally controls speed of the hood's fan, UV lamp, 2 light lamps, lifting motor of the hood's window (shutter) and also a digital thermostat, it also has 4 channels of digital temperature monitoring system.

CH461's ultimately user friendly menu based system, makes the fume hood, a powerful and easy to use digital monitoring and control device which is ideal for the scientific researches and fits the needs of today's modern laboratories.

The digital frequency converter section of the CH461, abeles the user to change RPM of the hood's fan in very smooth and precise steps in order to achieve the best air flow in the hooded area.

Four channels of temperature monitoring facilities of this device, eliminates the need for using thermometers inside the fume hood and saves lots of money.




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Technical description: