KDI Online Weighing Machine


The KDI Checkweigher offers weight control of packaged products carried on conveyor belts. It is normally found at the off-going end of a production process and is used to ensure that the weight of a packaged product is within specified limits. Any packages that are outside the tolerance level are taken out of line automatically. As the measurement is completed, all results are recorded for reporting.

Depending on the application, the system might include one belt or three belts as infeed, weighing and outfeed belt. A Checkweigher with three belts is used to separate the products from each other and to organize them at the exit. Sensors installed in infeed and outfeed parts detect products and activate the weighcell. The infeed belt could be stopped if distance between continuous products is less than minimum acceptable. It is easy to install and use with its user friendly interface and an ideal tool for quality control departments. The KDI checkweigher has different models that cover a wide range of products to inspect.


Technical Specifications