Vegetable oil production SCADA


This is a monitoring and control system of the whole production line of a vegetable oil production factory.

Both of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software and the data acquisition card were designed and produced by KDI.




The system consists of three PID control loops for oil level in the mixing tank, oil temperature and also oil flow in the supplying pipes.

Controlling the sequences of the electrical valves and the electrical motors and generating various alarms are the other capabilities of this system.

We wrote the SCADA software in LabVIEW and the software enjoys a huge amount of graphics and animations, displaying every element in the factory in a very graphical fashion, which makes the software ultimately user-friendly.




System Features:

All set points and PID setting are changeable by the user

Full support of Persian language (can be customized to support any language)

Event recording

Integrated database

Animated display of electrical motors

Displaying the schematic diagram of the production line

Sophisticated reports and statistics generation