Machine vision based fill control system for blister packing machine


This is a machine vision based inspection system, designed to detect and reject faulty blisters in a blister packing machine. We have installed this system on an Uhlmann blister packing machine which originally had an out of date mechanical fill control system. Our fill control system uses sophisticated image processing techniques to detect missing, broken and not desired types of pills and capsules in real-time.




The systems consists of a 3CCD color camera, a frame grabber card, a digital IO card, a PC with Intel dual core processor, super high bright LED lighting boards and an stainless steel camera and lighting box. The 3CCD camera acquires a picture of a group of ten blisters whenever the system detects a pulse from the forming section of the blistering machine. The digital IO card transmits the forming pulse and the frame grabber card transfers the picture to the PC. The image processing software, analyses the acquired picture and sends the reject commands after receiving a fixed number of  blistering machine's cutter pulses to the blistering machine's vacuum handles if it detects a faulty blister .




We have wrote the monitoring and image processing software using National Instruments LabVIEW and NI Vision toolbox. The software is optimized to run on a dual core processor in order to use both processors at a same time to boost the overall processing speed and to achieve a robust real-time operation.

The software also is very user-friendly and specially defining new templates of pills and capsules is very easy for the users, which is a great problem in most of the fill control systems from other companies.




System features:

3CCD camera to achieve high quality color pictures of the blisters

The software is optimized to use the maximum power of dual core processors

"Defining  templates"  mode to allow the user to easily define new pills and capsules and change the existing templates

"Digital oscilloscope" mode to monitor the pulses of the blistering machine  

Different access levels for the users  

Full support of the Persian language  

Generating HTML reports of the system's operation, including batch numbers, number of inspected, correct and faulty blisters

Integrated database  

FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant software