Machine vision based bottle counting for vegetable oil bottle cartoning machine


This machine vision based inspection system, counts the number of vegetable oil bottle in cartons whenever a carton passes the camera on the conveyor belt. When the inspection system detects that a box lacks one or more bottles, it pushes the whole box out of conveyor belt, using a pneumatic jack.




The system consists of a color progressive scan Firewire camera, an IEEE1394 interface card, a digital IO card, a PC , a pneumatic jack, super high bright LED lighting boards and a camera and lighting stand and box.




We have written the monitoring and image processing software using National Instruments LabVIEW and NI Vision toolbox. The software is able to detect several configurations of cartons and bottles with the minimum amount of false alarms which is essential for a robust industrial inspection system, which must operate 24 hours in every day.




This system has been installed on the production line of Behshahr Industrial Co., which is the biggest producer of vegetable oil in Iran.