Pharmaceutical depot condition monitoring

This is a depot condition monitoring system, designed and implemented for the main depot of Hejrat Pharmaceutical Distribution Co. which is one of  the largest distributors of pharmaceutical products in Iran. The system monitors temperature and humidity values of different zones of the depot and refrigerators, in order to alert the administrators, whenever any of these values are out of range and to execute GMP regulations.


This monitoring system consists of 9 Temperature/Humidity transmitters with the output of 4-20mA. We placed one sensor in each of the four drug refrigerators, three sensors in the main depot area, a sensor in cosmetics section, a sensor in disposables area and one sensor in the packaging section to cover all critical areas of this pharmaceutical depot.


The monitoring software is written with National Instruments LabVIEW and is very user friendly and graphical. It shows a schematic plan of the depot with actual places of the sensors on the plan. The software fully supports Persian which has a right-to-left script. We have customized the monitoring software to meet the specific needs of this customer and to generate custom reports which are useful in depot management.


System Feature:

  Event recording

  Graphical rich program

  Full support of  Persian language

  Sophisticated report generation

  Integrated database

  Displaying the actual plan of the depot and locations of the sensors on the plan

All alarm setpoints can be changed by the users