Machine vision based drug box inspection


This machine vision based inspection system, checks various features of drug boxes before the boxes get into the main production line of a pharmaceutical company, in order to minimize the risk of false or faulty boxes get in the hands of final customers. The system checks the boxes' dimensions, barcodes, the correct position of barcodes on the boxes, most of the printings and logos on the boxes. The system inspects the boxes while the move on a conveyor belt with the speed of 120 boxes per minute.




The inspection system consists of a monochrome progressive scan Firewire camera, an IEEE1394 interface card, a digital IO card, a dual processor PC , a pneumatic jack, super high bright LED lighting boards and a camera and lighting box.




We have written the monitoring and image processing software using National Instruments LabVIEW and NI Vision toolbox. The software is very user-friendly and even users with low computer knowledge can work with it. The software has several access levels for normal users and administrators. Generating reports and adding new boxes are available for the administrators. The user of this system is Sobhan Darou, one of the major producers of pharmaceutical products in Iran.