Pharmaceutical cleanroom monitoring

This is a cleanroom monitoring system, designed and implemented for L.V.P.s and S.V.P.s  (Large and small volume parenterals like serums and  ampoules) production facilities of Darou Pakhsh Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co. which is the largest producer of pharmaceutical products in Iran. The system monitors temperature, humidity and differential pressure values of different zones of the cleanroom, in order to alert the administrators, whenever any of these values are out of range and to execute GMP regulations.


This monitoring system consists of 9 Temperature, 6 Humidity and 5 Differential Pressure transmitters with the output of 4-20mA. We used a data acquisition card  to transfer the sensor values to the PC. This card has 29 channels of analog current input, nine channels are spares for future expansion. The data acquisition card has been designed and produced by KDI.


The monitoring software is written with National Instruments LabVIEW and is very user friendly and graphical. It shows a schematic plan of the cleanroom with actual places of the sensors on the plan. The software fully supports Persian which has a right-to-left script. We have customized the monitoring software to meet the specific needs of this customer and to generate custom reports.


System Feature:

  Event recording

  Graphical rich program

  Full support of  Persian language

  Sophisticated report generation

  Integrated database

  Displaying the actual plan of the cleanroom and locations of the sensors on the plan

All alarm setpoints can be changed by the users

  The software operates on LAN