KDI is officially registered in 2003 as "Kasra Hooshmand Engineering,  private joint stock company" in Tehran. The company's former name was "Kasra Digital Instruments" and still the company uses the former abbreviation as KDI.


We are experts in developing machine vision systems, PC based automation and monitoring, industrial automation, data acquisition, LabVIEW programming, microcontroller based systems, instrumentation and also cleanroom design and installation.


Today without any doubt, we have no serious competitor in producing intelligent controllers for air showers, air locks and fume hoods in Iran. We also are the number one LabVIEW programmers in middle east. Our high performance LabVIEW monitoring and control applications has covered most of the industries from pharmaceutical cleanroom monitoring to power plant monitoring and turbine supervisory control and from computerized automotive parts test applications to intelligent poultry and aviculture monitoring systems etc... 


We are also the only professional designer and developer company of machine vision and real-time digital image processing based inspection and control systems in Iran which operates in whole spectrum of industries like pharmaceutical, glassware, packaging, military, aerospace, paper, food and beverage and steel and aluminum production.

KDI is also the only member of "Automated Imaging Association" in western Asia.


Our cleanroom department has designed and successfully installed more than 2000 square meters of high quality cleanrooms for pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronics and nuclear applications. We can construct and validate GMP and FDA approved cleanrooms with the most modern electronic condition monitoring and control systems, continuously controlling the desired levels of temperature, humidity, differential pressure and particle numbers in cleanroom areas.


KDI has also developed one of the most price-performance effective data acquisition systems in the world. KDI FlexDAQ USB data acquisition systems, with wide choice of digital and analog IO cards are expandable and cost effective devices to use in broad range of applications like scientific, educational and industrial PC based monitoring and control systems. KDI FlexDAQ systems are very user friendly with full support of National Instruments LabVIEW programming environment.


Our goal is producing the highest quality products in the market and delivering exactly what our customers want.



Kasra Ravanbakhsh

Co-Founder & Managing Director                                                                    


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                                                                                           "Hooshmand" means "Intelligent" in Persian