We are greatly honored that our customers always receive the best services from us.

Our profession is designing customized inspection, monitoring and control systems for industries to meet their exact needs at the lowest applicable cost!


Some of our services are mentioned below: 


KDI is a leading company in PC based monitoring & control. Our broad range of solutions for a wide variety of industries covers the most demands of today's modern factories and research institutes.

We offer the complete solution including providing sensors and transmitters, designing and choosing the proper computer interface hardware, designing user friendly and high performance monitoring & control software and finally wiring up and installing the whole system in the target plant. 

The following table shows some applications for our monitoring & control services:




   Monitoring & Control parameters

Facility Management

Cleanrooms & HVAC

Office complexes

Sports facilities



Temperature -Humidity - Differential pressure

Waste Water Treatment


Office complexes

Chemical plants



Sports complexes

Sewage treatment plants

 PH - Tank Levels - Flow rates

Pumping Station Control

Chemical depots

 Gas/Oil depots

Polymer/Plastic storage facilities

Temperature - Flow - Pressure - Valve position

Pharmaceutical Process Control



Process Temperature

Process pressures, pump & valve control

Process flows

Tank level

Chemical composition

Agitator control

Product weight

Canning Process Characterization






Temperature - Pressure


Click here to see some examples of KDI's monitoring & control solutions

We are experts in providing sophisticated and high-tech machine vision solutions for industries. Our machine vision systems are highly customized for each type of applications and end-users and covering a broad range of industries including pharmaceutical, food, steel, automotive and aerospace.


Here are some examples:


♠ Automatic fill control systems for blistering machines to detect and reject faulty and empty blisters

♠ Automatic fuse box inspection system to detect misplaced fuses on cars' fuse boxes

♠ Industrial OCR (Optical Character Recognition) systems to read labels on packaging

♠ Tracing steel slabs in the rolling mill's production line by reading the engraved plaques which are installed on top of them

♠ Military target recognition systems

♠ Particle detection in pharmaceutical parenterals like ampoules and serums

♠ Automatic grading of tiles and ceramics

And many more...



     Pharmaceutical Inspection           Packaging Inspection           Glassware inspection


We design enterprise level LabVIEW Virtual Instruments (VI) with beautiful and user friendly front panels with minimum time of designing and the lowest price. Our LabVIEW based monitoring programs for industrial systems and product lines have no competitor in quality and being user friendly in Iran.


           Download our LabVIEW programming profile


Do you have a PC based instrument which has not any LabVIEW driver, but you want to enjoy benefits of LabVIEW?

Your solution is here. We write LabVIEW drivers for any instrument and customize them for fitting your job.

Your company needs a new microcontroller based device, but you don't have time or enough staff and engineers to do it?

Just tell us! We'll do it for you as fast as possible and at the lowest cost applicable.

We write programs for 8051 based microcontrollers (such as Atmel's 89Cxx) and also Microchip's PIC series. Also, We're professional in assembly programming  for Atmel's AVR microcontrollers.

You can whether order a complete microcontroller based system with designing of other electronic parts of system and circuit's PCB or just microcontroller's program.

We also design general analog and digital circuits for several purposes, whether for your college projects or industrial projects.


If you are interested in our services or you have any question or comment about them or maybe you want to know if we have another service which fits your application, Don't even hesitate to contact us!





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